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As pioneers in the wayfinding industry, 2/90 Sign Systems offers turnkey, regulation compliant wayfinding and signage solutions, from concept and design to installation, maintenance and repair.

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Arden Studio channels innovation, meticulous attention to quality and a commitment to artful design into it's customizable line of glass writing boards, mobile panels and screens. 


Dekko is a trusted electrical solutions partner focused on innovative and stylish power charging and data systems.

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Falkbuilt brings a technology-forward approach to prefabricated construction by employing "digital component construction" to create a smooth, end to end design and manufacturing process.  


Formaspace is a manufacturer of custom lab benches located in the heart of Austin, TX.  They aim to "co-create" with clients to identify challenges and requirements to design innovative, cost-saving solutions.

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Greenmood designs and creates high-quality, sophisticated green walls, screens, and design and architectural products featuring a variety of maintenance-free, 100% preserved plants.


InSpec, an offshoot of Sandler Seating, brings together a collection of the highest quality Scandinavian-designed furniture and architectural products for the corporate and hospitality markets.

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Peter Pepper Products offers a full line of accessories, including conference support products, desk accessory products, clocks, recycle bins, showcases, coat hooks, planters, and benches to enliven the work environment and assist employees to be more productive.  


Silen is an Estonian manufacturer of unique, modular silent spaces, including office pods, phone booths and soundproof meeting rooms, that combine form, style and innovative technical solutions to create an ecologically and economically friendly product. 

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Designed to remove utility plugs from the work surface, Slyde Innovation's products help facilitate the safe storage of important mobile devices, tablets and laptop computers and provide privacy while also clearing the desktop of unnecessary clutter.

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Having entered the market fabricating textiles renowned for their durability and richness of texture and color,  Unika Vaev has since built on that legacy to also become a leader in acoustical products, offering an array of solutions for wall, ceiling and floor applications.

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Zgo Technologies' award-winning docking stations and monitor arms help to optimize the computing experience by enhancing user comfort, increasing desk performance and improving overall office aesthetics.