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Proudly built on values of comfort, support, and superior customer service, Allseating designs and manufacturers a diverse range of award-winning seating solutions for a variety of environments.

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Arden Studio channels innovation, meticulous attention to quality and a commitment to artful design into it's customizable line of glass writing boards, mobile panels and screens. 

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Boss' high-quality products and solutions bear all the hallmarks of British engineering, craftsmanship and cutting-edge design with a focus on staunch ethical standards and manufacturing excellence.

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Founded in 1981 under the guiding principles of North Carolina furniture culture's history of work and craft, Cabot Wrenn offers a range of seating and tables that merge traditional and contemporary forms for a progressive, relevant aesthetic.

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Created Hardwood is a manufacturer of top quality live edge furniture and surfaces, combining tasteful design sensibilities with traditional craftsmanship and fabrication methods.


Enwork delivers innovative design for the modern office with its collection of conference furniture, tables, desking and open plan worksurfaces though outstanding value, rapid product development and unparalleled service.

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Formaspace is a manufacturer of custom contract furniture located in the heart of Austin, TX.  They aim to "co-create" with clients to identify challenges and requirements to design innovative, cost-saving solutions.

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Groupe Lacasse is a leader in the design, manufacture and service of a broad range of high-quality furniture solutions for commercial, educational and healthcare market segments.

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Proudly operating in Jasper, Indiana  since 1929, JSI offers a comprehensive collection of lounge, guest seating, tables, and casegoods.  Wherever work and life happen, JSI's broad offering can meet almost any need. 

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Level 4 Designs combines the best of Italian design and engineering with the expertise of North Carolina's industry craftsmen to create high-quality, contract grade, "resimercial" seating, tables and casegoods for the contract and hospitality markets.

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Motivated by design's ability to positively affect the human condition, Memo, along with accomplished designers around the world, has created a portfolio of seating, tables and casework products that honors the essential and aims to create a world free of excess.


Narbutas is a Lithuanian company with a global outlook and a highly-adaptable approach to bringing every client's vision to fruition. They design and create furniture for the modern workspace, with the needs of the 21st-century employee in mind.

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Led by the belief that a furniture company succeeds when it meets human needs while pursuing the highest ideals in design and manufacturing, Nienkamper produces fully integrated smart conferencing solutions, desking, contemporary seating and tables.

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Peter Pepper Products offers a full line of accessories, including conference support products, desk accessory products, clocks, recycle bins, showcases, coat hooks, planters, and benches to enliven the work environment and assist employees to be more productive.  

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Sandler's distribution of modern, Italian-designed lounge seating, chairs, stools and tables is blostered by its European presence, shipping expertise and long-standing relationships with its suppliers, which facilitate seamless order fulfillment and delivery.


Silen is an Estonian manufacturer of unique, modular silent spaces, including office pods, phone booths and soundproof meeting rooms, that combine form, style and innovative technical solutions to create an ecologically and economically friendly product. 

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Designed to remove utility plugs from the work surface, Slyde Innovation's products help facilitate the safe storage of important mobile devices, tablets and laptop computers and provide privacy while also clearing the desktop of unnecessary clutter.

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At Studio Other customization is the name of the game, as they partner with and support the A+D community to create truly one-of-a-kind solutions tailored to suit your client's specific needs and aesthetic.

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Zgo Technologies' award-winning docking stations and monitor arms help to optimize the computing experience by enhancing user comfort, increasing desk performance and improving overall office aesthetics.